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Tuesday, May 17, 2005


for those of you who know me (and i have no delusion that there are any people reading this blog who aren't currently sitting at a computer one level beneath the Columbia campus typing t-h-i-s-a-s-w-e-s-p-e-a-k) know that this has been a particularly congested year for me. somehow i have caught every single bug, virus, cold, flu, bacterial infection that has hit the east coast. when the sun started to break through the clouds and 60+ became a regular sight on, i thought that i may have finally beaten the odds. the predicatable sore throat in the morning dissipated. i was able to kiss my husband again -- on the mouth, no less! i felt comfortable walking outside with wet hair, etc. sure enough, as soon as i leave ny to spend a weekend in minneapolis with a friend i hardly ever visit (you can figure out why by reading the beginning of that sentence again), i get an unshakeable case of cement head. i like breathing! i like hearing, too! hell, occasionally, i even like thinking... none of which can adequately be done when you have a cement block in your head... just fyi.

anyway, i know all one of you has been anxiously awaiting my update, so here it is. i will attempt more interesting posts once i regain use of my head...

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noobab said...

stumbled onto your blog in a night of self-afflicted vagueness, from an earlier comment. refreshing, and unassuming, which is refreshing.