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Sunday, May 22, 2005

i was feeling a little sad that there were no izzy pics on the current blog page, so i thought i'd add one...

i'm feeling a little random today. it's kind of grey and drizzly and these allergies have yet to fully dissipate. at the same time, i am itching for a flying dog ale which we bought with our fresh direct order this weekend. mil and i used to frequent a little grocery store down in the w. village when i lived there, and they sold all of their various yummy beers. but when we moved up to the middle west side (aka clinton hill/hell's kitchen-ish), we had to go without -- that is until i noticed the little "wine/beer" icon on the fresh direct page. here's to the small pleasures in life!

the man and i reclaimed a little of our youth at msg last night. i hadn't been to a u2 concert since high school, and last night i remembered why. some people thrive on crowds of sweaty, young white folk -- i, however, am not one of them. i love u2's music, and they've got some fun light-show style theatrics that jazzed-up the crowd, but i was a little frightened by the religious ferver with which the throng greeted mr. bono. the whole mass would go up in arms every time he faced their direction. now, don't get me wrong, i think he's a talented vocalist, a pretty cool advocate for the poor, and sexy to boot, but he's still just a middle-aged irish guy with a mic. not worth selling your soul to the dark side. i don't know, maybe i'm just too old for this. then again, i don't remember loving it in my teens. i was always much more for dancing around my room and imagining he was singing just for me... tough to do when you're surrounded by thousands of other women with the exact same fantasy.

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