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Friday, May 20, 2005

ode to the er

i don't know if it's the congestion talking, but some days i just don't feel like writing. i think this is why i gave up my junior high diary after the first big crush didn't pan out. life is always interesting, but sometimes it doesn't feel blog worthy -- especially now that i know that occasionally blog-junkies like myself might happen by. i want to make sure to keep the place tidy... or is that not really what a blog's about? perhaps this is just the place to let it all out and be the can't-seem-to-clean-the-birdcage-or-bathtub kind of slob that i am.

in the spirit of letting it all out, i'll tell you about my lovely evening last night, and you will soon realize how truly wonderful my man is -- and how little you really want me to let it all out. as "er" was coming to a close in the other room, i was desperately trying to get myself into bed. this seems to always involve several last minute trips to the kitchen for water and bathroom for pre-sleep wee, but this evening involved a few too many trips to the old loo. i would lie down and moments thereafter the overwhelming feeling that i'm going to wee in bed would strike. i'd run back to the bathroom only to sit and cry. then i went back to bed and cried realizing that i was not going to get any sleep at all. mil kept checking in on me to make sure that i wasn't really dying, and after seeing me lying in bed in tears suggested a late night trip to the er. i was actually so miserable that despite my better judgment i went, and the truly amazing thing was that mil came with me. granted, the alternative was to attempt to sleep beside a woman writhing and crying in pain all night, but i was still quite impressed. he sat there with me as i waited impatiently (and quite uncomfortably) to see nurse #1, resident #1, nurse #2, nurse #2 again, resident #2, clerk, attending, and finally nurse #3. i was happy (and mil was happier) to leave after my two hour visit to the real er, and i was actually so exhausted that despite the fact that i only left with a first dose of antibiotics in my system i fell right to sleep when we finally made it home at 2am. i'm still exhausted (and congested), but i take comfort in the knowledge that i've got one of the best guys around. i officially declare today "mil rocks day!"

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