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Sunday, May 29, 2005

invasion of the bugaboos

so, today it was gorgeous. i've been waiting for this day for weeks -- sunny, 70s, a nice breeze... this is what may should be! it just so happened that this day also collided with the first day of mil's between term long weekend. (he finished his last final friday and starts his summer class on wednesday -- they do call it the city that never sleeps, but this might not be what mil had in mind.)

anyway, we took the free day and the good weather to be a directive from the almighty (whatever that may be) to get the h*ll outside. we happily obliged, donning our rollerblades and wristguards, still warm from last year's perspiration, and heading to the park. unfortunately, we weren't the only one's who though memorial day weekend would be a good time to enjoy the new summer weather. everyone was out there, and everyone was pushing a stroller. all of the ladies who were busy gestating over the winter seem to have burst forth this spring. there were bugaboos aplenty -- and after my new blog addiction (thank you daddytypes and dr. au for the education), i now know my $800 strollers from my $150 strollers. i pointed this out to mil, and he had to start shouting to me every time we passed a couple pushing a bugaboo: "I CAN"T BELIEVE THEY PAID $800 FOR A STROLLER -- A FREAKIN' STROLLER!" my attempts to quiet him down were all for naught.

as a side note, i must inform all of those normal (aka not carrying plastic lightsabers or wookie puppets) folks who were quite impressed with this most recent star wars the first time around -- don't go back. it will only disappoint. the first time around you are impressed because your expectations are so low that it can't possibly be that bad. the second time around you remember how impressed you were and forget how absolutely inane the dialoge and most of the acting was. i barely stayed awake. my advice -- just see it once, and be happy.

finally, i must give a shout-out (heh, i'm sooo not the kind of person who can say "shout-out" and not laugh at myself) to my friend, the metsfan, who helps keep my counter numbers rising. you rock! (and i'll try to be more sensitive when it comes to make-out scenes on the blog). till next time...

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metsfan said...

Thanks for the shout out, yo! Don't censor yourself,'s not the point of these things. I can deal.