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Friday, February 29, 2008

happy birthday, old girl!

you wouldn't know it to look at her, but miss iz is 7 years old today... well, yesterday to be precise, but she is being very gracious about my having forgotten her birthday. i'm taking advantage of the fact that she has a brain the size of a peanut to shrug-off my inclination to buy her a birthday present. i have a feeling that when i have a kid who turns 7-years-old, i won't be able to get off as easily.
most of the time my job is relatively boring. it's nothing like my brief stint as a theatre manager when there was usually at least one good story per day... the woman who wrote to us to get reimbursed for her tickets to the 1982 production of 42nd Street she missed (this was 2002)... the lady who was nearly thrown out of the theatre because she refused to keep her shopping bag in her lap (this was shortly after 9/11, and we had a strict "no bags in the aisles policy")... ah, and who can forget the ushers having oral sex between the blackout doors during a performance?

then again, there's something to be said for boring. since i left, i've never gotten a call at 10:30 on a saturday evening informing me that the sewage pump has backed-up into the backstage area... in the middle of a performance, and can i come by to see what can be done about it. (you can imagine the joy of the 60 tap-dancers who had to shuffle through poo just to get to the stage... they were sure happy to see me.) ah... the good old days.


Cartooniste said...

I have to say, that whenever there is a "Seussical" joke on Family Guy I always think of you.

Happy birthday to Izzy! I remember when she was a scrawny eggling. Does this mean that my own Parrot is... what.


Is that right?


moosk said...

i hope you've got something planned for the big 1-0! :)