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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

week 3

so, i am now three weeks into my photography class, so i should have something to show for it. here are a few products of my most recent homework assignment... i wanted to do arty photos of people on the streets of new york, but i found that being limited to a 50mm lens and manual shutter/ aperture/ focus makes for pretty painful portraits. no one has the twenty minutes to wait while i adjust everything "just so" while still looking natural and not pissed-off at the stranger trying to take their picture. hopefully, as i improve my technique, i can start including surreptitious shots of people passing by. i'm a little cowed by the fact that one of my classmates had a homeless woman threaten her life for taking a picture of her -- in rockefeller center, no less.

one guess as to where i was last weekend...

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