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Thursday, February 21, 2008


i have yet to load my colorado pictures onto the computer, so i apologize that you'll have to wait for photos of the thriving metropolis of minturn, co.

in the meantime, i thought i'd express my frustration with what strikes me as a very ignorant, sexist campaign against hillary clinton... not from the obama camp, or even the mccain camp... i think it comes from the same brilliant minds that refer to obama as "b. hussein obama." yesterday, as i went shopping for birthday cards in the conservative mecca of new york's upper west side, i ran across several cards emblazoned with unflattering, grainy pictures of clinton remarking how disasterous it would be if she were president or with a tear photoshopped in to remark on how sad it is that you are growing older. best yet was the clinton nutcracker... "is america ready for this nutcracker?" wow, what a jab. are men really this frightened of a powerful woman? i'm not saying that she's the best person for the job, but come on, we can do better than novelty gags, can't we? look who we have in the white house now:

no matter what you say about hillary, it's hard to be more comical than that.

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