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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

i have to admit it...

i think i'm falling for barack obama. i've been resistant, seeing how crowds of college-age youngsters follow his every word. even my level-headed office-mate went from cheering on john edwards to plastering herself with "obama" stickers and standing out on cold, new york street corners on super tuesday. i was on guard. i don't want to be a fanatic. i like to keep my options open, but hillary clinton is starting to look more and more like a sore loser instead of a graceful politician. i wish i were on her staff... i wish i could tell her to grow-up and face this race like the practiced lawyer you are. but i can't, so i'm stuck watching her campaign crash and burn. i'm a little sad... i feel like i've been let down, not because i was ever a big hillary supporter, but because i thought, if anything, she would go out like a pro... our first serious female candidate... instead she's a poster-child for why people don't think women can handle the pressures of the office. she's letting obama get under her skin, and she's having a hard time hiding it. i know it must be tough watching a younger, smoother-talking politician muscle into the nomination you've been working towards for the last sixteen years. but if anyone should know the fickle, shallow nature of politics, its senator clinton. her husband was the smoothest, most amiable president since jfk (spoken like a true gen-y-er who can even remember reagan's campaign let alone carter's). unfortunately, you can't learn charisma in school... or in the senate for that matter. and just because you are qualified doesn't mean they'll vote for you.

that said, if by some stroke of luck, clinton wins the nomination, i will be out there in the streets with my clinton stickers, harassing passers-by. and if neither of them win, i'm voting for this guy. i could always use a little good luck!

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