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Monday, February 04, 2008

and if you're uncommitted...

you might find this little tool handy


Anonymous said...

Ah, the joy of voting in person, rather than absentee: you are far less likely to vote for someone who drops out of the race before the ballots are even counted.

Sigh. I really, really wish Richardon had had a chance!

Congrats on the photography class, Moosk - that is awesome. I knew there was a reason I kept thinking I should get your advice on how to make my blog look better! Let's catch up on the phone soon - miss ya!

moosk said...

the thing i love about nyc is that your voting location is usually less than a block away. it makes it almost impossible NOT to vote.

i'd love to chat by phone one of these days... maybe i'll even get to northern ca sometime in 08!