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Saturday, March 01, 2008

true hollywood stories

somehow i'm here at 8:15 on a saturday evening watching the e true hollywood story about pink. why? i couldn't tell you...* i kinda like pink. earlier today i was trapped watching the 50 cutest child starts all grown up... i literally recorded it just to discover that the simpson kids were #1. i hope i didn't ruin anything for you. it was worth it just to see webster again, though... and jonathan lipnicki. they were some seriously cute kids.

aside from e! i also got my camera out to take pictures of my breakfast. yummy, right? what you don't see are the eggs and bacon i ate with it. mm...

thank you guys for voting! so i guess i'm going to be a photographer... i needed someone to make that decision for me. yay!

* in all honesty, these are all side-effects of being incredibly lazy and having your husband in medical school. do not try this at home... or do.

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