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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

somethings good

this morning my dad and i did a walk-through of an apartment that mil and i may one day move into... one day, possibly in the next month. after all these years of hoping and wishing that i could live in an apartment where i could paint the walls... it seems that my wish may finally be coming true. we'll be a couple of blocks from the subway, a block from riverside park, three blocks to central park... and we will have a washer/dryer. all will seem right with the world.

all this, and mil rocked his most recent med school block ("block" = "course" in med-school-ese). phew!
on an unrelated note, i was reading an old issue of "wired" recently, and i came across this interesting article about a suburban mom/judge who decided to try her hand at catching would-be terrorists online. so far, it seems like she might be more successful than the cia and all of its "advanced interrogation techniques."


Kate said...

wow, moosk!
fantastic digs. can you take us apartment hunting sometime....?

moosk said...

but, of course. i feel like i should have a license after all the work we've done!