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Friday, August 10, 2007


remember me? moosk? i'm here... well, sort of. i'm typing into blogger at least. that's a start. things around here are a little roller-coaster-like, but generally good. mil is super excited about starting med school next week... we're getting a car (really!). i'm looking for a place to live in brooklyn. um... mom's still doing pretty well... she seems to have this chemo thing down (though that probably just means that they'll change something up on her next week).

yeah... so that's it. (i've also been reading harry potter and playing this... but let's pretend i'm doing more interesting things.) that's why i haven't had time to stop in here (or make plans to visit marblehead!). but, things will change. mil will start school, and i'll be bored and want to write (and visit marblehead)... of course then i'll have nothing to write about... but that's never stopped me before.

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