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Monday, August 20, 2007

i just don't know anymore...

i'm sure most of you saw this video... and this op-ed... both are painful reminders of how poorly planned and devastatingly costly this war of ours is. i'm not sure what to do with this information. i feel like all my cries for an end to the war or at the very least a level-headed, efficient, non-politically-motivated effort to reduce the human cost of the war fall on deaf ears. i'm sick of the politics... the back-scratching and party-line-toting that have overrun congress and the white house. we need a solution, and no one seems prepared to accept that there is a compromise needed... we will never "win" this war in any sense of the term. the mistake has been made (despite many american outcries long before this started), and now it is time to cut our losses and to give the iraqi people whatever security we can without entrenching ourselves any deeper into the problem. i recognize that i am not the best person to come up with this plan, but I believe that there once was a team of politically-diverse, international policy experts charged with coming up with a plan. nine months later it seems their plan has been resolutely ignored. almost like the war itself... i guess it's just much less depressing to talk about the mortgage crisis.

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