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Tuesday, August 14, 2007


so, this is what it's like being married to a med student. so far it's been two days, and i'm already lonely. sad, right? i was a happy single woman -- i'm sure i can find a way to be a happy med student's wife. it's just weird when you're used to talking to someone... oh... six... seven times a day, to suddenly hear from him once and see him only briefly as i drift off to sleep. it stinks. i have dreams of taking up painting again and maybe tae kwon do. but so far, i'm supposed to be finding a new place to live. problem is, the market is nuts. despite all the mortgage upheaval people are still rushing to brooklyn to buy places. and the rental market is even worse. i don't know what the heck we're going to do.

the good news is we have a car. crazy, right? we have a vehicle that could whisk us away from manhattan ta a moments notice... well, assuming that there's miraculously no traffic. needless to say, we're very excited. now i just need a place to drive it.

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Anonymous said...

Oh sweetie...that sucks. I remember when C was at the Evil Law Firm, and I kept thinking that really, this was not all that much better than being single. Arguably it was worse, just because I missed him!

I definitely owe you some griping-on-the-phone time if you want to give me a call to whine about it some evening. Meantime just remember that it's temporary...and if it's anything like other professional grad programs, the first year will be the worst. So it oughta get better in not-too-long.