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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

hello from slumberland

this last hour of work is going to kill me. my left contact lens feels like it has a small samurai sword stuck to the inside it that will not wash off no matter how many times i douse it with cold water. surely by now i look like that poor, pink-eyed kid from invader zim after all my poking and prodding. on top of all this i feel like at any given moment there's about a 50% chance that my head is going to come crashing down onto my keyboard in a fit of complete boredom.

i know i haven't written here lately, and, yes, tsk-tsk, moosk. my two loyal reader have now left me for good, i fear. there's no particularly good excuse for the hiatus. busy, work, travel, you know... and it's summer. who wants to think and write when it's summer outside? not me.

by now, i'm sure you've heard the news. mil has been accepted to "real" med school... you know, one where they award you an m.d. he's very pleased... especially since it was his first choice amongst the remaining contenders. i'm very pleased because it means i get to move to brooklyn and be closer to my small cluster of friends. this is especially good since i don't know how much i'll be seeing of good ole' mil once his first semester of med school starts. and while i enjoy izzy's company, i think a small amount of human socialization is a good thing.

anyway, back to the void for me... hope ya'll are having a happy july.

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Cartooniste said...

we're still here, moosk!
How awesome for Mil! that totally rocks. Please tell him congratulations from us.
And since we're still here for another year while L looks for a "real" job, you still have your new england summer house available. Birds are invited too.