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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

back from paradise

a & d on the kalalau trail
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we hiked. we snorkeled. we went on a boat trip around the ne pali mountains. and it was good.

we saw sea turtles, brightly colored fish, dolphins, flying fish, and a skittish little octopus. mil actually saw a shark, too, but i wasn't fast enough. the whole pointing and grunting thing just didn't work for me. if you're interested in the photos from the trip, i've made a little set here.

we're actually in houston now and still a little jet-lagged, so that's all for now...

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Cartooniste said...

that sounds incredible. a good inauguration of the thirties, i should think.
just fyi, the study/closet to guest room conversion is officially completed. how's your late august looking?