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Wednesday, October 26, 2005


baby ensemble
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i've noticed that i spend a great deal of time writing about how old i've been feeling lately, so i thought i'd spend a moment today writing about how i've regressed -- specifically on my epidermis. somehow at age 28 i have redeveloped acne that i haven't seen since age 18. thanks to the hormones i took in my single years, acne became a thing of the past. now that i've shunned hormones in favor of more natural, less protective birth-control methods, they've become a thing of the present. perhaps it was giving back all the clogged subaceous glands that were subdued by the progestin and estrogen i ingested during those years. i don't know, but it sucks... having grey hair and acne at the same time.
perhaps you're wondering about the little purple items shown above. they are the culmination of a weekend of knitting... (and, yes, it was fabulous.) together, they constitute the cutest things i've ever knit.


Cartooniste said...

how funny- the exact same thing happened to me, for the exact same reason. (thank you, ortho industries...)
have since become enamored of a neutrogena line called "anti-wrinkle, anti-blemish," which i recently saw advertised with the phrase "your mother's winkles, your daughter's pimples." which, since i don't have a daughter, made me feel very... old. furthermore, i felt a weird sense of betrayal. as though, between zits and winkles, wasn't there supposed to be a window of perfect skin? what happened?

moosk said...

i've actually grown quite fond of the cleanser that found its sneaky way into my shower. i might have to check into other products from that line...
especially since i noticed neither wrinkle or blemish when i saw you this weekend...

thanks for sharing dinner. glad the teacup still has room for my cell # -- or at least remembers that the cell has my cell #... :)