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Saturday, January 12, 2008

primary season

since i pretty much dropped off the face of the earth as the nominees started ramping up toward the primaries, i feel a little behind the game. i haven't actually even picked a candidate. i like different candidates for different reasons... i like obama because i think he's pretty electable (barring any major gaffes between now and november... which is always possible) -- in the sense that he is charismatic and intelligent and doesn't have a long history of partisan politics... though he is most definitely liberal. i like clinton because she's smart and seems to know the politics game backwards and forwards (then again this is also what i don't like about her). part of me wants to support her just because she's a female candidate, and she's getting sh*t for things a male candidate would never have to deal with. a male hillary would probably have half the hurdles she has... but they might also be half as interesting... this is where we come to edwards. edwards is cute... he seems pretty smart and charismatic, but there's no there there. i feel like he could get the independent voters that perhaps hillary could not (perhaps just because he's male and has a good smile, and he hasn't been in the limelight as long), but i don't know that he could get enough people excited about voting for him. i'd worry that he'd wilt under a strong republican campaign...

when i don't think about november, i actually think that hillary would be the best president. she knows the scene, and i think she would know how to get things done. i think her goals are in line with moderate liberals -- health care, education, getting out of iraq with as little fallout as possible. sometimes i wonder if she'll get us in deeper in iraq and iran, but i think her pro-war vote was more a political maneuver than a representation of deeply held position for war. i think she's the smartest and most prepared of all of the candidates, but then i think about november. i worry that middle of america independents won't be won over to her side... either for personal (she stuck with bill after the whole monica business... wtf?) or political (um... whitewater) reasons. what are you guys thinking??

if you aren't already reading obsidian wings, i highly recommend checking it out...

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