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Saturday, January 26, 2008

new idea

so, i may or may not have mentioned that i'm starting a photography class next week. hopefully it will be one small step toward a new career. we'll see... with this in mind, i've decided that i might switch up my blog a bit. i think it would be fun to start blogging my photographs as a way of telling the oh-so-exciting story of my day-to-day life. i'm hoping in the process it will help encourage me to take my camera with me more often and maybe, just maybe, help me become a better photographer. i just went by b&h yesterday to get a new lens for class, and now i know that a 1.4f = large aperture = good dim light shots. see, i'm learning already.


Cartooniste said...

I have always really liked your photography, moosk, and so I am excited to see more of it on your blog. that and your photoshop- you really have a very elegant aesthetic.
keep us posted on how class goes!

p.s. we're moving to nyc, probably in the fall. looking to move to the west sixties or maybe around washington square. more to come....


moosk said...

how did i almost miss this comment? yay!!!