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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

new experiences

so, i spent the weekend in houston. i had two experiences i never thought i would:

1) having a child and a dog watch me pee.

2) waiting up for my dad to come home.

i had forgotten that when you babysit a small child, you can't just close the door when you go to the bathroom lest they get into certain dangerous mischief in the two minutes it takes for you to do your business. i also hadn't accounted for the curiosity of certain canine and human residents at my brother's house... it was very awkward to say the least.

i also didn't realize that now that my dad is single i would worry about him coming home late at night from dinner out with a friend. as the clock ticked past 3am and i couldn't reach him on his cell phone, i found myself pacing back and forth wondering if i should call the police. i think he finally paid me back for the few late nights i kept him waiting up for me in college. (and, yes, he's fine... i found that out only after waking mil up at 4am new york time to express my panic.)

the highlight of the weekend, however, was hearing my name uttered by lmsp. pretty friggin' cute.

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