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Thursday, November 15, 2007

strange doings

so, apparently, a bird-watcher from my home state took it upon himself to defend the endangered piping plover from the dangers of a hungry white and gray tabby by shooting the feline with a .22-caliber rifle. nice. now, as you know, i'm as big a fan of the birds as almost anyone, but since when was it okay to hunt cats?? cats are fuzzy and cuddly... if anything, they should be brought into your home and showered with love and squeaky toys... wouldn't a few well-placed containers of fancy feast have done the job without the expensive fine and trip to jail? anyway, i love that this article made it to the nytimes.

oh, on an entirely unrelated note, i found this frightening game that shows you how many earths would be necessary if everyone on the planet lived like you do... it's like "inconvenient truth" -- the game! ok, i need to go now and fly to houston... that'll cost me like 1.3 earths right there.

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Anonymous said...

Your post made me laugh out loud in a meeting. I'm not sure if it was actually funny, or just that the sheer absurdity got to me.


Cartooniste said...

I saw that too! Isn't that insane?