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Friday, November 09, 2007

coming clean

so, in february 2006, i started a secret blog... mil knew about it, but i didn't tell anyone else. i just wanted a place to record my thoughts on a certain subject i wasn't quite ready to talk about in such a public forum as this. mil and i were making plans to start the process of increasing the size of our little family. we didn't actually start... ahem... trying till much later in the year. unfortunately, almost a year later, we're still trying. i'm admitting this now because a) a little comment snuck onto this blog from my various perambulations around the infertility blogosphere and b) it's infertility awareness week. while it's not technically "infertility" until you've been trying to get pregnant for a year, i think i will be a member of this unlucky club any day now. and it kinda stinks. lately, i've been reading far too many blogs written by women (and some men) dealing with infertility which has given me some perspective on the medical and emotional aspects of this wonderful condition. it's amazing the amount of money and heartache you can go through just for the hope of having something that comes so easily to almost everyone else. though we will likely have to tread that path soon, we've decided that given my mom's illness and mil's busy school schedule that jumping into the world of medical diagnosis and treatment is not for us right now. instead we will take a break, collect our thoughts, and check-in with the doctors when things slow down a bit.

anyway, i'm still rather shy about the whole thing, so for now the other blog will have to remain somewhat secret, but there it is. it's out there... in public. you can count us among that 12.5% of couples who have trouble conceiving. yay us!

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1 comment:

Cartooniste said...


But not surprised.

If you ever feel like sharing the blog, I'd love to see it. Also since I've been told we're probably going to be in that percentage too (I have cystic ovaries, most likely). And like you, we're putting that aside until half a dozen things settle down.

Try not to fret. Sometimes it just takes awhile.

Hug from up north,