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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

back... for now

well, if anyone is still checking-in, i am alive. i have been in houston for the last 12 days. my mom was in the hospital for half that time. needless to say, it was a rough 12 days. my mom had a feeding tube put in over two weeks ago and has yet to really use it. they ended up having to put in a central line (a catheter that goes straight to a primary artery), so they can feed her intravenously (TPN). she's gotten back a little energy, but she has a long way to go. the tpn is only a temporary fix, so we're hoping her digestive system will start functioning again soon. if not, she gets to go back in for more surgery in the hope that they can open up some of the obstructions in her bowels. honestly, i'm petrified... and i feel like my insides have turned to eggshells. i'm not quite sure how i am functioning at all... but here i am, back at work... still breathing, still eating, still sleeping on occasion. i hope everyone had a lovely thanksgiving... there is always so much to be grateful for, even when life feels like it's at its worst.

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Cartooniste said...

Hi Moosk,
Just take it one day at a time. And take good care of yourself. Know that you have whole worlds of people out here who love you.