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Monday, May 21, 2007

she blinded me with science

or should i say i'm boring myself to tears with research... that's more accurate. as you may have noticed, i haven't posted in a while. things have been fumbling along in my life. i've gone to houston several more times and austin once... and pennsylvania once. they were all good visits. two of the times i got to see lmsp. they still don't get much cuter.
mm... so cute.

things with my mom are ok... could be better, could be worse. she's had some metastesis to her liver (not good), but she's still feeling good and looking good which is great. she's convinced she's going to beat this thing, so we're all trying to stay convinced of that, too. heck, when you see her, it's really hard to believe she's sick at all. we partied it up for her 60th birthday (hence the visits to pa and austin).

now i'm just trying to sort through the various pieces of my life and figure out what's next. i'm pretty darn sure i'm not long for the psychology world, but i haven't figured out exactly what's next... it doesn't help that mil's on the waitlist for his top two schools, so who knows when we'll figure out where we're even living. meanwhile, the townhouse project has been moving at a snail's pace. we demo'd 3+ months ago, and we have yet to officially select our contractor... argh! in the meantime, my dad's started a project that might turn into something bigger and more full-time... we shall see...


Cartooniste said...

wow, moosk! busy days.
1. i am delighted to hear that your mom is still feeling great. when i saw her i couldn't believe she was sick either. we are rooting for you guys.
2. congrats to mil on his top two choices! what are they? where are they?
3. i think you should move to boston. there, i said it.
4. sorry to hear the townhouse goes slowly. i hope that it starts to develop soon.
5. when it gets hot in the city, don't forget that you have friends who live on the shore.

moosk said...

the top two are downstate (brooklyn) and ny medical college (westchester). boston was an option, but your school and tufts didn't show much interest in my darlin, so it looks like we're staying in ny. ah well... we are planning a lazy summer, so we would love to make a weekend trip up to marblehead!

Anonymous said...

Wow...tough times. I'm so glad you're getting a chance to see LMSP. I'm rooting for you too.

We must catch up sometime, though - I want to hear about the townhouse!

moosk said...

yes! i will try to overcome my fear of phones and call you! :)