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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

back in the game

i've decided that it's time i get back into life. my mom's illness has taken a lot out of me since last december, but i can't let it take everything out of me. i know that i will have my ups and downs, but if i don't make the decision to live my life, no one else will pick it up and do it for me. i'm going to concentrate on making myself healthier and start focusing on what i should be doing with my life. i feel like there are two easy courses for me to take right now: 1) working with my father in real estate and 2) staying at cu... maybe finding a full-time gig. both have their advantages... but i'm not sure either is right for me. i still think about social work and how good it felt to be out there, trying to help improve people's lives. i want to make sure that whatever i'm doing, i feel like i'm working to make the world a little better.

in the same vein, i want to get back into politics. i left it by the wayside after the last election because i didn't particularly like working for moveon -- mostly because of my own fear of telephones, not because of anything they did. but cindy sheehan's resignation and the passing of this most recent war bill by numerous democrats reminded me of how complacent i've been. i haven't been keeping up with any of the back and forth on the various proposals to end the war, and i haven't been calling my congressmen/woman to let them know when i want them to vote a particular way. i have been focusing on my own personal struggles without remembering that many parents are still losing their children and children are losing their parents in an unnecessary war. why is the war still lingering on when 58% of americans are against it?

well, i hope my new resolutions will also mean i'll be posting here more. i've missed my own little place in the blogosphere... and my three loyal readers!

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Cartooniste said...

we miss you too!
i haven't been following enough politics either, other than dipping into NPR post-debate discussions. any thoughts on which dem candidate you like?