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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

lately the title of my blog seems more and more apropos. i don't know if it's the proximity of my 30th birthday or the frequent visits to houston, but lately, i've been thinking a lot about my childhood... and how long ago it's starting to feel. nothing in houston is quite the same as i remember it. my old high school has snagged up the few parking lots and grassy knolls on its property to build more "performing arts centers" and libraries... the scrappy little league field where i spent my elementary school evenings slurping down sno-cones is now chock full of fancy, well-manicured batting cages and ball fields. even the little 1950s grocery store where the minister's daughter and i used to spend our pocket change on packages of pillsbury cookie dough, has turned into a trendy little cafe. not to mention that a boy i went to high school with has moved into a house across the street from my parents... with his wife and child. i know i'm married... and thinking about having kids, but somehow it doesn't quite seem real until someone i haven't seen since i was worried about who i'd ask to "junior girls" or what happened on 90210 shows up in front of my parents house with a stroller.


Cartooniste said...

we're going to be in h-town from april 19 to april 22. any chance of overlap?

moosk said...

yes! i'll email you just in case you don't check back here.