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Tuesday, May 02, 2006


before i return to my rousing game of "make some sh*t up," i wanted to let those of you who care know that i made a brief, celebratory visit to amcaf this evening. some of my classmates handed in their final paper of their msw careers, and we thought it was a good occasion to drink to the end of the world's most painfully boring class ever. "a toast to fighting every instinct in my body and NOT allowing my brain to succumb to sleep for an entire semester!" my classmates apparently got a great kick out of my unwitting imitation of the girl in ferris bueller's class who can't keep her eyes open. anyway, for those who haven't been, i must say that while the drinks aren't much better than they were oh so many years ago, the ambience at amcaf is thoroughly unrecognizeable. apparently, we were drinking in the "lounge." can any of you picture the word "lounge" having anything to do with the old dirty amcaf? neither can i? it was hard to put together the image i have of various friends (who shall remain nameless) getting shellacked on cheap pitchers of beer at what is now a trendy-looking tapas bar that serves leechi martinis.


Cartooniste said...

what is this "tapas" of which you speak?

the amcaf that *I* know serves liquored up oreo cookie milkshakes and is full of carousing AEPi boys in yarmulkes!

Tapas indeed.


moosk said...

self-same amcaf, yet now it is amsterdam cafe and tapas bar... crazy. personally, i miss the liquored up oreo cookie milkshakes. i can get a leechi martini anywhere.