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Monday, May 29, 2006

memorial day

Displaced meaning.
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it's difficult to know exactly how to be patriotic these days. so far today, i've been reminded of this devastating war more times than i can count... in the recently revealed massacre of an iraqi family by american troops... the story about pat tillman being killed in "friendly fire" instead of by taliban troops... the death of soldiers, members of the media, and more iraqis in a day that is to be set aside for rememberance... not to mention the physical and psychological trauma of those who've made it home... and those who will never see a loved one again thanks to an unnecessary war. despite this war which makes me question my country's leaders and fear the worst for the future of the middle east (and america), i am thankful. i am thankful to the many men and women who have volunteered their service and their lives for the freedom that many of us take for granted. despite the fallibility of our leaders, there are people who are so proud of what this country stands for that they will risk their lives for it when many of us (myself included) are happy to enjoy our hot dogs and apple pie with our families and let others fight for our right to do so. i only hope that through my life and my work, i can help justify those sacrifices.

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