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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

graduation day

as i walked onto campus today, i was greeted by a sea of powder blue gowns. actually, as the subway hit 96th street, hundreds of well-dressed parents and significant others boarded the local train, leaving little room for breathing, let alone knitting. i was quickly reminded that today is graduation day. today should be my graduation day, but alas, i have two and a half more months of class an internship, and have to wait until october to actually get my degree. rather than walking down the steps in my cap and gown (that doesn't look all that much different from the one i wore seven years ago), i will be walking down the steps to the subway to head to brooklyn for the day. rather than sitting in the sun listening to some "words of wisdom" from the university president, i'll be holed-up in my dark, little office listening to an adolescent's hopes and fears... i guess i'd rather take the latter. far more interesting.

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