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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

the terrible fives

when i took her to the vet a few months ago, i was told that she's in her adolesence and in a few years she'll calm down and become a more respectable member of the family. what they didn't tell me was that in the meantime she could get much, much worse.

izzy has officially lost it. she is no longer able to entertain herself in relative peace and quiet. if we are in the apartment and she is not either in our food or destroying one of our possessions, she is screaming and/or pecking at our feet. she used to have long periods of relative mellow-ness interspersed with brief bouts of flapping, screaming, and destroying. now it is the other way around. i'm not sure what to do with her at this point, and lord knows, mil is well past his "cool." any bird experts out there? is there something i can feed her? ambien? xanax? honestly, i think she just needs to get laid. any handsome galahs out there looking for a good time? she likes long walks on the kitchen tile and eating her way through cereal boxes...
in other news, mil took his mcat this weekend. that's eight hours of his life that he'll never see again (then again, neither will i). it was touch and go for a while there, but i think he's beginning to regain his usual spunk. he's still not sure how he did, so he's trying to get used to the idea that he might have to take it again in august... i guess i need to do the same.
i'm having some moments of inspiration re: the job search recently. after watching several episodes of the west wing, i'm thinking i might want to incorporate some policy work into my next job. i saw some interesting listings on monster for a political advisor for the mission of japan and a program associate for the council on foreign relations. sounds much more interesting than poorly paid social worker at underfunded clinic in the bronx...


mba jackass said...

you go girl! you'll be working for a debonair rob lowe type in no time, all the while flinging fantastic quips around the room, almost as if directly challenging the vocal speed of the gilmore girls.

by the way, MBA Jackass won an award today. no doubt your artwork contributed to this achievement so thank you. please identify a cd or dvd that i can use my $250 amazon gift certificate to procure on your behalf.

Cartooniste said...

yay mil for finishing the MCAT! may you both find a field of dandelions to lie in.
Stella had a tough bird adolecence too- lot sof squawking, pecking, flapping, eating of books, mounting of toys, etc. If I remember correctly for her it happened when she was two-ish. But she really did mellow out. Now she is downright lethargic. Just hangs out admiring herself in the mixmaster. Sometimes takes a break to fly around the living room and see what we're doing, or walk through our eggs in the morning. Plus mocking the puppy.
I think Issy will outgrow it- it'll just be longer, since her life span is so long.
Does she like nature videos? Could she watch Discovery channel while you guys are at work?