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Saturday, April 29, 2006

a roll through the park

well, i didn't make it to the peace march this morning, and that was disappointing. it just seemed like it would cut into too much paper-writing time. i imagine there will be more... seems like there should be an extension for political activism at a social work school, but i guess i could have always been more prepared and started my papers last weekend. since i didn't though, i had to take a brief opportunity to escape the confines of my apartment. by 4pm it was impossible to focus on my paper any further, so i strapped on my rollerblades and took to the park. as a reminder for myself during those painfully long days strapped to my computer in the cellar of schermerhorn, here is a photo tour of my voyage...

further away
the cherry blossoms were still in bloom though the leaves were starting to sprout as well...

cherry blossoms up close

west side

i'm not sure what kind of tree this is, but it has the most beautiful purple buds growing all the way down the branches.

looking across the ballfields from the east side, just before coasting down "the great hill"

one of my favorite spots in the park... unlike the lower half of the park, above 100th st. is pretty peaceful and tourist-free.

i almost didn't notice this guy hiding in the tree. he swooped down to within feet of me as he tried to escape from a few pesky jays.

sheeps meadow
no doubt it's spring.

across the lake

bird in the grass


park enthusiasts will notice that i didn't get any shots of the popular lower east corner of the park. while beautiful, that area attracts more navel-gazing tourists than i can comfortably wheel around with my camera. in addition the entire area reeks of horsesh*t, so i try to get through it as quickly as possible. it was really a spectacular day for a rollerbrake though -- i hope my fellow ny-ers got out to enjoy the day.

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