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Saturday, April 08, 2006

not working on my paper

this is a recurring theme here at elegy... me, sitting at home alone on a saturday or sunday, knowing that i should be spending time catching up on homework, but consciously doing anything but. you'd think that at this point in the game i would have figured out how to psych myself up to accomplish a little more than creating a new banner for mba jackass and playing with my bird on a rainy saturday. but, alas, i haven't. fortunately, at least izzy is happy for the attention. she's been her more adorable self most of the day, wagging her entire body for a soaking shower, playing bull to my matador as i fluff the blanket, and purring on my chest at naptime. now that mil is home, the day isn't showing much sign of improvement as he has decided to use this time to score the practice mcat he spent the first 8 hours of his day completing (note: his prep course will score the test by monday, but that's just not soon enough for my little masochist). here's to hoping i can do my part to distract him...


mba jackass said...

you make it sound like creating a new banner for mba jackass is somehow not a worthwhile activity...what's the deal?

thanks again for coming to the show last night. turns out that we unknowingly ran into an actress friend of ours walking up 7th avenue - AG. turns out that she lives right around the corner from me in bk, and therefore not far from your placement.

moosk said...

for you, mj -- it's all worthwhile.

thanks for getting me out of the apt to explore one of nyc's finer cultural institutions.

i actually ran into ag once on the street there... forgot that you guys are neighbors. when you're done with work this summer, we'll have to arrange a midweek lunch.