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Friday, February 17, 2006

puppy love

so. i'm still here. and despite my hectic schedule i still seem to suffer from occasional bouts of wanting stuff. yesterday i was reading a book about psychodynamic developmental theory, and it was all about how special the mother-infant bond is. while reading it, all i wanted was a little baby milmoosk in my arms exhibiting gaze recognition and secure attachment. i had to remind myself repeatedly that it would not be good to start my job search looking 6 months pregnant. repeatedly. this incessant ticking of the old biological clock is starting to get louder, and mil is getting frightened. though i know that there's a part of him that is excited as i am, he seems better able to separate a want from a need and an intelligent idea from a stupid one. these are things i seem unable to do at the moment. fortunately, the two jobs, two classes, and the internship seem to keep time moving pretty quickly. one moment it's monday and i'm dreading the week ahead... a few moments later its friday afternoon and i can't believe how much crap i didn't get done.

i've started a little campaign this past week thanks to dutch and my own need to have something to look forward to... i'm going to start bargaining for a puppy for my birthday (in june). see, i have this little rule: since mil hates izzy (though i'm convinced at some level he loves her dearly), and i can be retardedly impulsive when it comes to pets (case-in-point: rose-breasted cockatoo with a 4-digit price tag purchased 3 days after my $50 lovebird died), it is up to mil to make the next pet purchase. the way i figure it, there are several things working in my favor: (a) puppies are cute, (b) mil really wants a dog, too, (c) mil will likely have a lot of time off over the summer to puppy-raise, (d) i will be going to a normal work schedule starting next fall, (e) and mil will still be working insane hours, so i will be lonely, and (f) puppies are damn cute. sounds good, right? work with me here, folks!


Cartooniste said...

you know, i hear that one of the best ways to prepare for puppy parenthood is to take long visits to your friends who have puppies.....especially when those friends have fireplaces.
that's all i'm saying.
did you see the pic that i posted of our puppy up to his chest in blizzard? puppypuppypuppypuppypuppy
plus i am increasingly buying into the "puppy prepares you for parenthood" angle. there's a lot of "no, we have to get home to let out the puppy," and "we can't leave the puppy alone for twelve hours," and "how can we travel for the holidays when we have this puppy." shades of things to come.

moosk said...

oh, i so want to come visit your little, orange puppy -- and you and L, of course! :) with these darn mcats, i'm not likely to get the fella far from the library till after april, but come may we should be ripe for a long study break. what do ya say?