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Friday, November 03, 2006

the flight of thought

it's amazing. two seconds ago i had a brilliant idea for a post. but between the time that i got up off of the couch and the time that i logged onto blogger, i completely lost that thought. scary... i think it's the whole not working full-time thing. five out of seven days a week, i wake-up when i feel like and do what i feel like. so far, i have not felt like cleaning my apartment, and only once this week did i feel like going to the gym. sad.

oh, i remember what my "brilliant" idea was... i was going over to the bird to give her a kiss on the head and she turned and bit me on the lip. it made me realize that i need to find a bird whisperer. my bird is that pink maltese, kisses, from the dog whisperer. she's pink and she's a little pain in the ass. she pecks at my feet and turns on me at the least provocation. i need to learn how to be the leader of the flock... anyone have any ideas? mil's suggestion is the spray bottle, so we now say "no" and spray her when she's doing something she knows she's not supposed to do (e.g., pecking on toes or playing in the refuse underneath her cage). it doesn't work too well because she knows when we've got the water bottle and when we don't, so she decides when she's going to listen and when she's not. then again... she's a bird, not a dog. so maybe i'm just stuck with a pesky cockatoo.


Anonymous said...

That's a tough one. she's probably smarter than your average dog, isn't she?

Does your vet have any suggestions?

Now that Stella is getting to be middle aged she just hangs out my her favorite multi-angle mirror, chooses a different color of bird pellet not to eat in a given week, clucks, and watches the dog. She's even less focused on the head sitting.

What about getting Izzy a portable playground? We have one for Stella. It goes anywhere in the room. Izzy's could go on the floor under the coffee table. Then she has bird toys and mirrors to play with, instead of toes.

moosk said...

oohh... i like that.. probably less expensive that the self-cleaning, glassed-in aviary that i really want. i've asked the vet what to do with this nutball before, and she pretty much just says that izzy's at the pain-in-the-ass stage of life, and in five years she should be better. very helpful...