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Friday, July 07, 2006


this morning i took some time to clean out my old address book from the computer i have passed on to the woman who's replacing me. it's amazing the emotions that are recalled as you look at the names of people you haven't spoken to or thought about in years. the addresses had been collecting since my senior year in college when i first got my palm pilot. since then the information has been downloaded onto various computers where it accumulated more names and addresses since forgotton. anyone remember "kick ass ben"? he was there... an old fling from college? he was there. woody allen somehow made it into my palm with what is sure to be a long since discarded phone number. i remember seeing his name in my first boss's rolodex, sure that i'd have occasion to call him for some lofty business purpose, i filed it into outlook which eventually ended up on my personal palm device. funny how his and jack lemmon's were the only phone numbers that survived that job. i don't even have my boss's number anymore. another nostalgic item was the phone number i once received for an old, elementary school friend i'd lost touch with. i'd left a message for her once several years ago and never heard back from her. i haven't tried again, though i've googled her several times in hopes of finding some less personal means of communication.

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