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Thursday, June 15, 2006

not photoshopped

empire state building
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mil and i went for a walkabout last weekend. we started at home, stopped by tiffany's to use a store credit from back in the wedding gift days, and finished the day at my favorite pet store in the village... with a necessary stop at mil's favorite fast food joint. i thought of ms. cartoonsite as i scarfed down my 7-layer burrito. healthy stuff. anyway, en route we passed a few of new york's non-monuments, including the one pictured above.


Cartooniste said...

if you go to fresh tortilla, will you have the guacamole nachos for me?

moosk said...

oh, i don't know... that's quite a task... actually, i've never had them, so i guess i'll just have to give them a try.