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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

giving in

so, i did it. i caved in and got dvr. i love it. mil hates it (and loves it). i can watch roseanne and spongebob and the daily show and changing rooms (or "cheenging rums" as i like to say), and i can record one of them if i'm not home or something better is also on. it's heaven! i was debating it for a while. i prefer real life to television, and i don't want to have kids who spend their childhood glued to a tv. but then again, i hate commercials and appointment tv... so the benefits seem to outweigh the costs... for now.

i've also discovered youtube. i can now bore you with videos of the minutia of my day. yay! today's videos are of my ski trip last spring to get you in the mood for winter... bon hiver!



Anonymous said...

i love your new banner!

and i, too, love dvr. look at it this way- you might actually watch *less* television. without commercials, "30 rock" is basically only fifteen minutes long. "law and order," pretty much forty. and soapnet is showing the first season of "beverly hills 90210"- the brenda years. what's not to love?

are you guys in nyc for the holidays?

moosk said...


we're heading out to south carolina (mil's grandparents) on 12/24 and on to houston 12/27. any chance our itineraries might coincide?

Cartooniste said...

alas, no- we are in m'head for the holidays this year.
L has gotten an interview for a three year postdoc at a large new york based institution with which you and i are intimately familiar. he interviews in january. so there's a chance... slim but real... that we could be in nyc next year.
and hopefully not back in the barrio.