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Thursday, June 30, 2005

i like my blog best

i've taken to reading a lot of blogs these days, and i'm starting to get a little sick of it. seriously, for a while there i found it quite entertaining, but lately the numerous posts about binge-drinking and baby strollers have started to lose their luster. i guess this is the natural progression of things. i keep coming back to my own blog -- not because i think it's particularly good or interesting, but because i keep hoping that someone's left a comment or some sign that they've been here. lately, it's been pretty quiet though. so considering my options, i can:

a) start writing better -- not bloody likely
b) start having a more interesting life -- also, not very likely
c) start talking about highly controversial subjects -- like: i think white people secretly wish they were black
d) start making sh*t up -- not a half bad idea...
e) set up some new accounts on blogspot, and start commenting on my own blog as if i were someone else -- brilliant!

so, moosk, what's going on in your world...? um... i finished my summer class today! yay! fortunately, half of my friends will be in iowa, so i won't be able to truly celebrate. what else? my big brudda's coming to town today...with his wife. i guess this is what you get with marriage, huh? i make people put up with mil all the time (though the unfortunate truth is that most of my friends like him better.) no, it's cool. they moved out to san diego last december because she -- i mean "they" -- couldn't put up with the cold winters here, so i kinda miss 'em. my brother and i have very different tastes though. he likes golf, i like knitting. he likes to work out, i like to sleep. he likes to drink beer, i like to drink coffee. he likes to make money, i have a guilty conscience. so there you have it. all in all, i think my brother is actually a better person than me. he's nice and friendly to everyone. i, on the otherhand, am not really friendly to anyone, though occasionally, i'm nice.

question of the day: what's my favorite neighborhood in nyc?


svetlana said...

what a self-indulgent blog title... have a little humility.

you sound like an UES fan.

mobius said...

i don't think it's self-indulgent. it's self-depricating! didn't you read the post, svetlana?

my vote is williamsburg.

joey joe joe said...

what a boring blog. no wonder no one reads it...

my guess is you're a riverdale punk.

moosk said...

wow! look at that response! and, look, they've all taken to using my signature, all-lowercase style. how surprising!?

Anonymous said...

People actually take this stuff really seriously? I didn't know that there was a competition for "most interesting blog" or "most creative blog" I just thought that this was a forum for people to say something about their lives and expose a little bit about themselves to the world at large. "What boring blog?" obviously JJJ has a problem. Perhaps vitamins and exercise will cure him of his ills. Oh and Svetlana, all blogs are self-indulgent